Healthy Homes and Beauty Show, and Health Workshops

Well I have had a very interesting and busy last few of weeks. I had the opportunity to present the “ 6 pillars of Health” talk to a lovely group of women from the Cahirciveen ICA on Oct 6, they showed a great interest in their own health and had many and varied questions for me. A specific area of interest was the availability of alternative “safe” personal care products. Further information on this subject is available on this blog, either through the” web site or by contacting me directly.


On Oct 14th I had a wonderful opportunity to speak at a very unique event organised by Norma and her team at the Aghadoe Heights Hotel and Spa, in Killarney.

The event was a “Wellness for Life Afternoon”. To mark October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they arranged to Christine Clinton to speak on the benefits of light touch massage for cancer patients, and the availability of a unique range of skincare products developed especially for radiation damaged and sore skin.

My talk was focused on the positive steps to take to support the body while coping with cancer and indeed to prevent this and other degenerative illnesses. It covered the “6 pillars of Health” with a special emphasis on immune boosting, cancer fighting foods and the importance of removing toxic elements from ones own environment. The Head Chef and his team produced a mouth watering spread of not only super healthy food, but smoothies and juices as well, proving that a lot of what you need to stay healthy is close at hand and can taste good too! So for anyone who wants to know more on this, just arrange to meet with me.


On Oct 15th I was back in Killarney again to a packed house at the Aras Padraig to speak to a very active local women’s group, again some wonderful questions and a great interest in feeling good. A big thank you to Helen and Mary for inviting me, and to those who contacted me afterwards for nutritional consultations, you are keeping me busy!


A particular highlight for October has to have been the “ Optimum Heart Health” Workshop which I ran in Miltown on Sat Oct 18th. It was a day of learning about and eating Heart Healthy food while digesting interesting and specific information on managing and preventing heart disease. You can check out the details on the Courses section and the feedback given by a few of the delegates, many thanks to them. A big thanks to the “Kerry’s Eye” for the excellent article on the event. The next one is scheduled for Nov 22nd. Just contact me to book your place. Numbers are limited.


The next BIG event in this area is the Healthy Homes and Beauty Show on Nov 16 at the Malton Hotel, so if you have an interest in Health, Beauty, Fantastic Speakers from Dublin and the UK, and being Pampered! DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT!

I will let you know the topics the guests will be speaking on as soon as they are finalised. Tickets are available from the organisers and that includes me so let me know how many you want. They are €20 and that include wine, FREE gift and more….



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