What are your genes saying about your health?

dna (2)

Have you ever wondered about what genetic cliches you may have,  is there something in your genes that could be dictating the state of your ill health? Your family history of heart attacks, strokes or even Alzheimer’s or other conditions? How much of this is because of your genes? Generic testing is now easier and more affordable than ever and it is proving to be an invaluable tool along side clinical assessments and the detailed consultation provided by your nutritional therapist. It is providing us with a clear picture of a persons health and is proving to  very beneficial for my clients with chronic illnesses, conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity by enabling me to target specific problems and design a tailored program. For a family member with a history of heart attacks, stroke and in particular dementia or Alzheimer’s it is really allowing very effective preventative actions to be taken.  Could it help you?

“Some genes can predispose you to obesity, type 2 diabetes or heart disease, but predisposition is not pre destiny”



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