Free “mini” nutritional consultations at a store near you!

  As part of Nutritional Therapy Week I will be at the following locations giving FREE mini nutritional consultations. So if it’s your energy, your digestion, heart health, blood sugar or cravings or you just want some healthy eating advice, Book direct with the store nearest you. Thanks, Erina Macsweeney ONeill’s All Care Cahirciveen MonContinue reading “Free “mini” nutritional consultations at a store near you!”

Low Carb Cooking Workshop

I’m running a cookery workshop on how to optimise your health by reducing sugars and starches. If you’d like to understand more about how these impact your health and how to reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other related conditions including how to manage your weight — this is the course forContinue reading “Low Carb Cooking Workshop”

What are your genes saying about your health?

Have you ever wondered about what genetic cliches you may have,  is there something in your genes that could be dictating the state of your ill health? Your family history of heart attacks, strokes or even Alzheimer’s or other conditions? How much of this is because of your genes? Generic testing is now easier andContinue reading “What are your genes saying about your health?”

Night Class Staying Healthy with Nutrition

STAYING HEALTHY WITH NUTRITION Sept 2017 Understanding and using real wholefood for maintaining and achieving optimum health. Using food and nutrition in the prevention and support of common conditions including heart disease, raised blood pressure and cholesterol, digestive problems, inflammatory conditions, food intolerance’s and joint health etc. Special focus on the underlying cause, early detectionContinue reading “Night Class Staying Healthy with Nutrition”

Castleisland Irish Heart Health Clinic Jan 29th

Irish Heart Health –  It’s all about prevention before intervention and these clinics are a powerful combination of the latest Pulse Wave Technology, careful risk factor assessment and targeted nutrition, provided by fully qualified, experienced and registered nutritional therapists. Full details at We are delight to announce a clinic in Slice of Life Health store, bookingsContinue reading “Castleisland Irish Heart Health Clinic Jan 29th”

For all your nutritional issues…

It’s turning out to be a very busy year, with lots of focus in the areas of poor energy, cardiovascular health and recovery both mentally and physically. Lots of clinics and meeting really interested people at the many shows attended already. Results too have been excellent. Having a program and a goal gets real results.Continue reading “For all your nutritional issues…”