Say No to Diabetes Consultation


This program is a holistic approach to the early detections of insulin resistance and to the addressing of diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, abdominal obesity, uncontrolled weight, and related cardiovascular and other conditions, in particular inflammation. It includes a nutritional consultation, Pulsewave cardiovascular screening, and a review of current blood test results.

A personalized diet and lifestyle program is prepared for each person, to include healthy, satisfying, low carb choices for meals. I encourage my clients to learn, and understand the value of the dietary changes, to liaise with their GP and to monitor their blood sugars closely (if relevant) especially if they are on medications.

Nutritional Consultation 


This can take 1 to 1.5  hours, during which a detailed case history is taken. This covers all aspects of your lifestyle, diet, medical history etc. After which a program will be created specific to your requirements. Best results are achieved when a program is followed for at least 2 months but in some cases nutritional therapy will take longer. This is because we do not just treat the symptoms but endeavor to get to the source of the problem. This consultation also includes a heart screening. Bringing along a copy of a recent blood test is recommended.

Cardiovascular Consultation

“Prevention before Intervention” Further information available here.

“Healthy arteries are flexible and elastic. Unhealthy arteries can be stiff or hardened “

How Healthy are your Arteries ? This consultation is painless and non invasive and measures 5 major risk factors including arterial stiffness, and Central Aortic blood pressure, (an independent and strong risk factor for stroke and heart attack) plus a dietary and lifestyle analysis. Providing, specific, targeted and personal nutritional programs where required.

This is a unique consultation targeting the early detection, prevention and reversal of pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes and obesity by addressing the underlying cause and using a Low Carb eating plan. Further information on this program can be found here.

Irish Heart consultations are available below:

Killorglin   Laune Pharmacy by appointment  087 2740788

Newcastlewest Sonas Health Store  069 78944

Tralee,  Horans Health Store,  Clash,  066 7185901

Clinics are by prior arrangement and a require a minimum of 6. However all nutritional consultations include a heart health screening, and individual heart health screenings are available by appointment. Call 087 274-788 or email

For a consultation or to attend a workshop (€50 to €80) , please contact me. The cost of a full consultation is €80 euro for first visit and €50 euro per subsequent visit or €200 euro for 4 visits.

Erina Macsweeney B.Sc,  NT mNTOI        Phone 087 2740788

Milltown Killarney Co Kerry

Consultations available by appointment in Killorglin and Milltown. Phone and online consultations available also.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing can be very useful in finding out what is behind your symptoms. We use CE approved laboratories to get a clearer picture of your health issues and combine this with a detailed nutritional consultation (where required) to design a personalized wellness plan for you.

Genova Diagnostics – hormonal, metabolic etc

MyDNAHealth Genetic Testing   (saliva)                                  299 Euro

Discover your genetic risks and how your dietary and lifestyle choices are changing your gene expression and future health potential.

Vitamin D                                                                                                 80 Euro

Stool Analysis full range and prices available on request

(Included test, interpretation, and nutrition recovery program)


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