Irish Heart Health – Prevention before Intervention


There is much more to cardiovascular health, than just cholesterol! 

Do you have an issue with cholesterol, blood pressure, angina, fatigue, chest pain, poor circulation or diabetes? Is there a family history of heart disease? Would you like to know how healthy your arteries are, for your age?

Irish Heart Health based in Miltown Co Kerry is a specialist service providing clients with a concise picture of their cardiovascular health with a view to preventing a heart attack and stroke through the analysis of risk factors and raising awareness. All our nutritional therapists are registered with NTOI.

We provide you with a detailed nutritional, dietary and lifestyle assessment .We then design a specific program to enhance your cardiovascular health with particular emphasis on the normalisation of blood pressure, reductions in cholesterol levels and other criteria including weight loss, fat distribution, and fitness levels, if required. The results for those who comply with the program are over all, excellent.

An Irish Heart Health consultation is suitable for people of all ages, it is a personalised consultation which aims to focus a person on the prevention of heart disease. As in all areas of nutritional therapy all “red flags” are addressed, and we can work alongside your GP program.

NOTE: We offer appropriate guidance to improve overall health and well being. We do not offer diagnosis or medical intervention and suggest clients refer to their physician where assessments indicate abnormalities such as higher than average blood pressure or higher than average central aortic blood pressure readings, a high pulse rate or an irregular heartbeat.

Please follow this link to learn about Irish Heart Health and how we are detecting deterioration of the cardiovascular system early  and making a measurable difference.


Irish Heart Health – Specialised screening, targeted nutrition, effective solutions- Book Now 087 2740788


Pulse Wave Technology to Measure Blood Pressure and Central BP

PulseWave and arterial stiffness is best explained at the UscomBP+ website and in the following video clips. It is often described as the  next generation in blood pressure measurement. Check out Dr Ting of Health Stats and listen to Professor Brian Williams speak on a new way to measure blood pressure.



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