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More research on CENTRAL blood pressure, and why it needs to be measured alongside brachial blood pressure.

There is now a substantial body of evidence that anti-hypertensive drugs, and particularly beta-blockers, exert differential effects on brachial and central pressure.

Central blood pressure: current evidence and clinical importance Carmel M. McEniery, John R. Cockcroft, Mary J. Roman, Stanley S. Franklin, Ian B. Wilkinson DOI: eht565 First published online: 23 January 2014

There is a recent publication from December 2015 available in the Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine on “Understanding and Treating Central Blood Pressure” the full document can be found here.

The importance of CENTRAL BLOOD PRESSURE.Blood Pressure On Monitor Showing Very High Levels Or Unhealthy Stock Photo

There has been a lot of coverage in the media concerning central blood pressure, this is what we have been measuring in Ireland through the Irish Heart Health service, and the results have been in many cases worrying, as a large percentage of the people I see have blood pressure both brachial and central on the high side of average, more so in the 60 years plus age group. Please take some time to check out the following two articles below, and just to remind you what central blood pressure is.



Central blood pressure, that is the pressure against which your heart has to pump to get the blood to flow to the rest of the body, central BP also determines the pressure in the blood vessels feeding the brain, the heart and kidneys. Higher central BP means the heart has to work harder to do its job and this can lead to heart failure, stroke and aneurysms, and is associated with brain function decline. Bringing this blood pressure down can significantly reduce your risk of a cardiovascular event.



Radio Kerry Business Awards winners interview from July 4th – listen to it here. This in a nutshell is Irish Heart Health.

Research clarifies link between hypertension and Vitamin D deficiency

This article is from the European Society Human Genetics –  Low levels of vitamin D can trigger hypertension, according to the world’s largest study to examine the causal association between the two. The full article is available here.

Coenzyme Q10 Improves Heart Failure Mortality

There is a very positive article on research presented at the Heart Failure 2013 congress in Lisbon. While we have been aware of how powerful CoQ10 is for people suffering from heart disease and other conditions such as fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue,  gum disease and for boosting energy production, especially in the elderly, this double-blind trial is great news. Check it out here. 

As part of a nutritional program to enhance the health of the arteries, nutrition, lifestyle changes and specific nutrients are used, take a look at some of the testimonies and case studies elsewhere on this site and in general it is usual to see and measure improvements in 2 to 3 months when following a program. The main products I use are a high quality omega 3 oil, usually krill, and  a premium supplement, Revive Active, that has been carefully formulated by a team of doctors and scientists to combine a range of powerful nutrients. For further information go to

“High blood pressure linked to declining brain function” the blood pressure they are referring to is Central blood pressure, great to see more research in this area.
Check it out at:

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