Where can you find Irish Heart Health this week?

April 8, 2013

You will find us at the Active Retired Trade Show in Whites Hotel in Wexford from 12 to 5.50 tomorrow. On Wednesday afternoon in Natures Hand at the Crescent SC and on Friday at Halo Foods Listowel. Call 087 2740788 to book an appointment of visit http://www.irishhearthealth.com.

The role of Irish Heart Health is to detect early deterioration of the arteries, and then provide a solution to enhance your health. The following is an example of what can be achieved, even at 72 years:

My Star client, a man age 72 yrs, initial BP 143/87, central BP 132 and arterial stiffness outside of range for age, diet low on vegetables and fish and high on sugars. After 4.5 months with changes to diet, lifestyle plus Revive Active, Krill oil and Cherry Active, BP is now 124/81, central BP 113 and he has the arterial stiffness of a 45 yrs, and he feels so much better, with lots of energy!

But why wait until your 72!




Over 50s Show Cork City Hall March 2nd & 3rd

February 27, 2013

Come along to the Show and visit ReviveQ10 stand, I will be doing both screenings and nutritional consultations to help you keep your Heart Healthy.

Live 95FM Limerick – Prevention before Intervention

July 22, 2011

Cardiovascular Care a Nutritional Approach

Limerick Clinics Saturday July 23rd

 A big Thank You to John Prendergast and Live95FM for choosing to highlight this service, and to Yvonne at JUST HEALTH (061 322569) and Caroline at The Ultimate Healing Centre on the Ennis Rd in Limerick. Further information on clinic dates call 086 8173349

Prevention before Intervention

Did you know that your chance of winning the lottery is 1 in 14 million, of dying in a plane crash is 1 in 6 million, of dying in a car accident 1 in 4 million but your chance of dying of a heart attack or stroke is 1 in 2. Almost 30% will die within 1 year, after having a heart attack.

Heart Disease is Irelands biggest killer, 30 people per day, 12 of which are women!

But Heart disease is,  according to the WHO 95% preventable. !

After working specifically in the cardiovascular area, as a registered nutritional therapist I know now that there are LOADS of risk factors and warnings and INTERVENTIONS.

My gaol is to raise a persons awareness to their personal risk by looking at an individuals risk factors, indeed in nutritional therapy our ethos is to treat the person that has the disease and not the disease the person has.

Prevention before Intervention. I provide a painless and non invasive service to access your Risk factors for Heart disease, to give a person a broad picture of where they are NOW and not just focus on one aspect such as cholesterol or blood pressure for example. While cholesterol is an important criterion, 50% of the people who suffer heart attacks have “perfect” Cholesterol readings, so looking at the Bigger Picture may be better.

I get a person to look at a whole list of signs and symptoms, elements on the face and tongue and ears can be useful also to me, I review their diet and lifestyle, these are so important, people think they have a good diet but I need to see if it contains important foods and of course how efficient is the digestive system at extracting the nutrients?

But possibly the most important part of what I do is to include a measurement on the Bpro, this can be described as the next generation in blood pressure monitors, its technology is based on pulse wave analysis, and two other important parameters are measured. Central Aortic Systolic Pressure is an independent and strong risk factor for stroke and heart attack, and the elasticity of the arterial tree.  “Healthy arteries are flexible and elastic. Unhealthy arteries can be stiff or hardened.

 It is important that these parameters are within the normal range for a person and preferable at optimum levels.

Measurement of the blood pressure, Central Aortic Systolic Pressure and arterial stiffness is an excellent way of following a person’s progress if they are opting to try and improve their cardiovascular health. I have loads of cases where we can see the lowering of these criteria over a 4 to 6 month period.

For those people who are concerned about any of the risk factors that show up and are open to working nutritionally, I then discuss the options available to enhance their cardiovascular health and it is usual to see results in as little as 3 months, but for some people it may take longer and they may require specific, more detailed nutritional programs. Some may also need to see their GP!

Recommended are lifestyle changes, the introduction of some fantastic foods that have been shown to enhance the health of blood vessels, boost circulation and decrease inflammation etc.

I also use specifically designed nutritional programs, when necessary. These recommendations work along side medications you may be on with your GP, and I routinely work in collaboration with your GP and may for instance request a person gets other blood tests via their GP, a homocysteine test can be very useful especially if there is a history of stroke, mental confusion or Alzheimer’s. I work closely with many clients to bring this risk factor back to an optimum level.

This type of consultation is recommended for people from about 35 yrs upwards but younger if your have a close relative with heart disease or who has had a heart attack or stroke. Other reasons for coming along for a consultation include having raised blood pressure or cholesterol, if you suffer from stress, or are a busy person. Maybe you are a smoker, or have recently given up, are a post menopausal woman, are actively involved in sports, healthy and unhealthy people who just want an indication of how their cardiovascular system is doing for their age.

I work in collaboration with my colleague Yvonne who is also a Nutritional Therapist at Just Health Store in Newtown Shopping centre on Ennis Rd.

And our clinics will be held at The Ultimate Health Clinic across the road from the Just Health.

Announcing state-of-the-art Cardio check medical device

August 25, 2009

BPro Cardio Pulse Wave measurement deviceDuring the summer I’ve being doing a lot of research into Cardio Vascular health and have had alot of interest from my clients with my current treatment protocol. To supplement this I’ve decided to invest in a state-of-the-art cardio pulse wave measurement device called BPro. This is an approved Class II medical device.

The device measures the radial pulse wave and the associated software derives the central aortic systolic pressure (CASP). These measurements can to used to assess a patient’s arterial stiffness or elasticity and cardiovascular health.

I will be using this device in centres in Cork, Kerry and Limerick, contact me if you would like to make an appointment or find out more information.

Announcing the launch of the CardioCheck

January 30, 2009

I’m really excited about being able to offer this effective, non-invasive, fast test for determining the condition of your arterties.



This new medical device, clinically trialled in St Thomas’s Hospital London tests the health of your main  arteries, by measuring their elasticity, which is a key indicator for identifying cardivascular disease. The results will also indicate the biological age of your arteries! For example, are you35 years old but have to arteries of a 55 year old! or are you 60 years old with the arteries of a 40 year old! Part of the consutation includes lifestyle and nutrirional advice tailored to each person. More information on CardioCheck available here…

I’m the only practitioner in Kerry currently offering this service, it takes 20 min, is very affordable  and there are discounts available for couples, families and groups. Book your appointment today by leaving a comment.