Where can you find Irish Heart Health this week?

You will find us at the Active Retired Trade Show in Whites Hotel in Wexford from 12 to 5.50 tomorrow. On Wednesday afternoon in Natures Hand at the Crescent SC and on Friday at Halo Foods Listowel. Call 087 2740788 to book an appointment of visit http://www.irishhearthealth.com. The role of Irish Heart Health is toContinue reading “Where can you find Irish Heart Health this week?”

Live 95FM Limerick – Prevention before Intervention

Cardiovascular Care a Nutritional Approach Limerick Clinics Saturday July 23rd  A big Thank You to John Prendergast and Live95FM for choosing to highlight this service, and to Yvonne at JUST HEALTH (061 322569) and Caroline at The Ultimate Healing Centre on the Ennis Rd in Limerick. Further information on clinic dates call 086 8173349 Prevention beforeContinue reading “Live 95FM Limerick – Prevention before Intervention”

Announcing state-of-the-art Cardio check medical device

During the summer I’ve being doing a lot of research into Cardio Vascular health and have had alot of interest from my clients with my current treatment protocol. To supplement this I’ve decided to invest in a state-of-the-art cardio pulse wave measurement device called BPro. This is an approved Class II medical device. The device measuresContinue reading “Announcing state-of-the-art Cardio check medical device”

Announcing the launch of the CardioCheck

I’m really excited about being able to offer this effective, non-invasive, fast test for determining the condition of your arterties. This new medical device, clinically trialled in St Thomas’s Hospital London tests the health of your main  arteries, by measuring their elasticity, which is a key indicator for identifying cardivascular disease. The results will alsoContinue reading “Announcing the launch of the CardioCheck”