Where can you find Irish Heart Health this week?

April 8, 2013

You will find us at the Active Retired Trade Show in Whites Hotel in Wexford from 12 to 5.50 tomorrow. On Wednesday afternoon in Natures Hand at the Crescent SC and on Friday at Halo Foods Listowel. Call 087 2740788 to book an appointment of visit http://www.irishhearthealth.com.

The role of Irish Heart Health is to detect early deterioration of the arteries, and then provide a solution to enhance your health. The following is an example of what can be achieved, even at 72 years:

My Star client, a man age 72 yrs, initial BP 143/87, central BP 132 and arterial stiffness outside of range for age, diet low on vegetables and fish and high on sugars. After 4.5 months with changes to diet, lifestyle plus Revive Active, Krill oil and Cherry Active, BP is now 124/81, central BP 113 and he has the arterial stiffness of a 45 yrs, and he feels so much better, with lots of energy!

But why wait until your 72!




Over 50s Show Cork City Hall March 2nd & 3rd

February 27, 2013

Come along to the Show and visit ReviveQ10 stand, I will be doing both screenings and nutritional consultations to help you keep your Heart Healthy.

Irish Heart Health Clinics May 2012

April 23, 2012

Its great to see so may people attending for this 30min, non- invasive Nutritional Cardiovascular consultation, and taking on board the results and then making  great efforts at making the dietary, lifestyle and nutritional changes. Over the last few years it is clear to see over and over how even small changes can have big impacts on ones risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

You will find me in

Kenmare, Brosmans Pharmacy Wed May 2nd 064 6641318

Galway,  Matt o Flaherty Pharmacy Thur/Fri May 3rd/4th 091 566670

Ennis/Gort Open Sesame Fri/Sat May 18th/19th 065 6821480

Listowel Trants Pharmacy Wed May 23rd 068 24550

Or in Miltown by appointment. 087 2740788

Irish Heart Health Clinics for January

January 5, 2012

It s all about prevention and  staying healthy or simply seeing where your health is now,  and giving yourself a GOAL to make it better.

Why not come along for a consultation:

Listowel:  Thur  25th Jan Trants Pharmacy,  Convent St

Bookings on: 068 24550

Kenmare:  Wed 1st  Feb   Brosnans Pharmacy,  19 Henry St

Bookings on: 064 6641318

Miltown   (by appointment)      Miltown Dental Surgery                  087 2740788

A consultation costs €50, and takes approximately 45min.

Perfect way to lose WEIGHT, gain ENERGY and boost your HEALTH

August 31, 2011

My blood sugar balancing workshops are back very soon. This workshop is unique, in that it is equally as good at improving, MOOD as it is at reducing weight. It is also excellent at preventing heart disease and diabetes and is a must if any of the above are an issue for you. You learn the skill and then apply it to how you eat, teach it to your kids and they will never have a weight problem.

The workshops will be €79 and this includes your tuition, full notes, a yummy snack and your Lunch/dinner.

I hope to run in Tralee and Listowel and Miltown. Just ring 087 2740788 to book.

Check out what people are saying in the TESTIMONIALS!

The amazing Nutrient that lowers your Blood Pressure – Are you deficient?

July 5, 2011

Research has recently found that vitamin D has a protective effect against arterial stiffness and impaired blood vessel relaxation.

Study participants with reduced levels of vitamin D had increased arterial stiffness and vascular function impairment. However, among those whose vitamin D levels were normalized over a six month period, vascular health improved and blood pressure measurements declined.

Science Newsline Reports:

“The results add to evidence that lack of vitamin D can lead to impaired vascular health, contributing to high blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

As part of a cardiovascular consultation I routinely recommend a Vitamin D3 test especially if reduced elasticity is an issue. Sup optimum levels are very common. It is is worth getting just 10 to 15min of sunshine between 10am and 3pm (without the sunscreen!) any day that the sun does shine in Ireland!!

On the Pulse Cardio Consulations – Ennis and Gort

May 23, 2011

A big thank you to Open Sesame for the invitation to offer this unique service in Ennis and Gort. Once again the results included some excellent examples of how a healthy diet and regular exercise and healthy lifestyle choices carry a score of low risk and we had some examples of high risk scores also.

Recommendations on dietary and lifestyle changes plus  specific nutritionally program are hopefully being adopted and I look forward to seeing the improvements in a few months. This service is available again on June 16th and 17th at Open Sesame in Ennis and Gort.