Stop Sugar Bombing,Loose Weight and get Healthy Workshops

“The perfect way to Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Improve your Health” Lose fat fast and keep it off Feel full – full of ENERGY Slow down the ageing process Improve your MOOD Banish CRAVINGS Prevent and reverse DIABETES and HEART DISEASE Cut your cancer risk Seriously improve your health  This workshop will teach youContinue reading “Stop Sugar Bombing,Loose Weight and get Healthy Workshops”

Perfect way to lose WEIGHT, gain ENERGY and boost your HEALTH

My blood sugar balancing workshops are back very soon. This workshop is unique, in that it is equally as good at improving, MOOD as it is at reducing weight. It is also excellent at preventing heart disease and diabetes and is a must if any of the above are an issue for you. You learnContinue reading “Perfect way to lose WEIGHT, gain ENERGY and boost your HEALTH”

Optimum Weight Loss with Low GL Workshops

Learn how following a low GL way of eating, together with a healthy lifestyle can have a dramatic positive effect on your health. Learning to balance your blood sugar will allow you to loose fat, balance your energy, reduce fatigue, prevent diabetes, reduce inflammation and more. Up and coming Evening Workshops (7 to 9.30pm) areContinue reading “Optimum Weight Loss with Low GL Workshops”