Maria “I have been following the Low Carb diet for nearly 3 months and apart from loosing 12lbs I also have significantly more energy and find my sleep pattern has improved. I believe this diet is more of a lifestyle change than a weight loss program, even though weight loss is easily achieved. My Mom has also been on the diet and has lost over a stone. She can’t believe how easy it is to follow and how much more she is actually eating now!! “

 Mary Once I had the store cupboard ingredients sourced, it was surprisingly easy to keep to the program. However, the fact that I wasn’t hungry or craving sweet things between meals was even more surprising. Within a fortnight there was a noticeable improvement in general wellbeing and by week 3 I was appreciating the weight loss.

It was an inspiring day, your enthusiasm and passion are a breath of fresh air”   Bernadette,  Healthy Heart Workshop

Helen Erina’s heart healthy eating workshop was both useful and enjoyable – I learned so much new information and gained background knowledge into the reasons we should cut back on foods giving a glucose high/low pattern and the power of green leaves! I also learned about the causes of high blood pressure, degenerative heart disease, atherosclerosis and cholesterol. The day was a mix of education and healthful eating – Erina demonstrated that a heart healthy eating plan can be easy, quick and most importantly flavoursome, providing us with both breakfast and lunch and showing us how to prepare many heart healthy foods using both fresh and tinned/frozen ingredients. We also had a tour of the local organic wholefood market with Erina pointing our particularly useful products to us.I feel that after attending Erina’s workshop I now have a much better understanding of how to feed myself and my family for general health and in particular heart health in a proactive rather than a reactive way. Prevention is definitely bettern than cure!” 

What Clients say about Healthy Heart Program. When you work with a person nutritionally, invariable many other problems improve also, along with energy, focus, and long-term dietary habits.

Timothy 41, I am a fit, health conscience man, have taken supplements for years. I started to take a specific programme to improve my cardiovascular health as both my parents are on medications for hypertension.  Three months later the results showed better than normal for my age. What I didn’t expect was the improvements in my overall health, with immediate increase in my daily energy levels. I suffer a protruding disc in my lower back and this has consistently improved with less discomfort and pain. I have found I sleep better, have more stamina in my gym workouts, have a clearer mind and improved sexual performance.

All the way from Co Louth! I paid my first visit to Erina in Horan Health Store Killarney. I found her welcoming and I felt at ease straight away. She explained how blood pressure worked and I was amazed at how swift, professional and non-invasive the procedure was. All the measurements were done on the left arm, with immediate results. As my central blood pressure was higher that average for my age, Erina talked me through my diet, family history, levels of fitness and general well being. I received very good nutritional advice and as my digestive system is one of my weak links she recommended supplements and dietary changes – which worked. . My follow-up, showed that all my reading had returned to normal levels for my age, again the service was a very professional and helpful. I highly recommend the Cardio PulseWave Screening and I am grateful for the advice received from Erina and the service that she offers. A must for all for whom healthy living is a priority. With much thanks Mary

Dan My Star client, a man aged 72 yrs, initial BP 143/87, central BP 132 and arterial stiffness outside of range for age, diet low on vegetables and fish and high on sugars. After 4.5 months with changes to diet, lifestyle plus some key supplements, BP is now 124/81, central BP 113 and he has the arterial stiffness of a 45 yrs, and he feels so much better, with lots of energy! But why wait until your 72!

Patrick 61 – smoker, high stress, poor exercise, skin and digestive problems, diet poor and high in inflammatory foods. Blood pressure (BP) 134/81 (ideal is 120/80) Central BP 124 (Ideal is 116). Patrick made significant improvements to diet, exercise, and weight (lost ½ stone), reduced smoking and followed a nutritional program and in 9 months the following were his readings: BP 111/71 and Central BP 104 “Both readings better that normal” He also noted improvements in his skin, stiffness and digestion.

Nancy 65-  Knowing I had a family history of heart attacks was the incentive to visit an Erina’s nutritional clinic. I got great advice on improving my diet, which I though was good! I have committed to regular exercise and followed a personalised nutritional program for 4 months and already my blood pressures especially the central one has returned to being better that average for my age and the elasticity readings have also improved. I’m delighted

Michael 67 Don’t wait til your 60! Go now.  A visit to the Erina’s heart  clinic highlighted high blood pressure but in particular a very high central BP reading. It was off the scale! I was advised to go straight to my GP. I did, eventually! But, within a couple of weeks had a heart attack anyway. My advice is, its starts early, see how you are doing at 40 and fix it. I’m lucky to be here.


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