I am delighted to let you know that I will be running the next workshop on Sunday April 3rd.

Building a Strong Immune System. The workshop on Saturday will be focusing on all aspects of the immune system,it really is an amazing system!  We will look at how it works, what can affect it and how to build it strong. Winter is coming and with it, lots of cold, flu, and not to mention Covid too, and regardless of one’s vaccination status it is imperative to have your own immune system working optimally. We will look at what lifestyle and nutritional choices negatively affect your ability to protect you and fight infection. We will prepare and cook delicious food, so come hungry. I will prepare fermented foods and share the cultures with you.  I will discuss and explain supplements, what you need day to day and what to use for an acute infection, and loads more on the day. 

Low Carb Cooking. The workshop on Sunday will be again hands on with lots of food to try and learn how to prepare. I’ll cover many aspects of how to convert from the “western” way of eating to one which is protective and so much more nutritionally dense. The benefits of removing ultra processed foods and what to eat instead. How to deal with sugar cravings and much more.This workshop will be of particular benefit to anyone who is on the Low Carb eating plan, or who really wants to make it work but may be struggling. It’s for anyone who wants to lose weight but is finding that what worked a few years ago isnt working now! If you are heading for the menopause, diabetes or have in particular a history of cardiovascular disease this will help you so much. 
You are welcome to share this information with your friends, encourage them to talk to me if they have any questions. Numbers will be kept small, the premises will be well ventilated and the only health requirement is that you are not sick, or have a temperature. 
To book your place a deposit will be required. You will receive a detailed handout and all recipes.
 Kind regards Erina

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